Œuvre Silence (petit format)

By Laurence Waldner

Contemporary tapestry realized on a loom with low heddles. Unique piece of contemporary textile art.

For this mural work, the artist uses a mixed technique and different textile fibers (cotton, silk, linen,...)

Dimensions: 140 X 70 cm

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The Art of the fiber

Laurence WALDNER has been an art weaver for over twenty years. She is a contemporary artist who works exclusively with hand looms, basse lice. Each tapestry is a unique work of wall art. Each time it tells a new story and the emotion of the artist through the alchemy of textures, volumes and colors.

Tapestry is back in its place to warmly dress our interiors!

Rediscover the silky warmth of tapestry! Yesterday outdated, contemporary tapestry is today a lively art between sculpture and painting where colors, materials, volumes and relief give rhythm to our walls with elegance.

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Fibres textile
Laurence Waldner
Laurence WALDNER

Art weaver

Laurence WALDNER