Vase "Ce que la vie nous réserve I"

By Françoise Berbaglia

White porcelain vase hand modeled and engraved with gold leaf Kintsugi

Unique piece

Dimensions : H 33 cm x 12 cm diameter 

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"What life has in store for us", a collector's item

This vase is inspired by all the events and paths that life imposes on us. Each life is unique, made of ups and downs with its more or less sinuous paths, its hollows, its bumps, its scars.

This piece asks everyone what it means to be the master of one's destiny.

This unique piece was part of the "1000 vases" exhibition in Paris which highlights contemporary artists every year.

Françoise Bergaglia of Interracotta, ceramist 

Françoise Bergaglia, ceramist for more than fifteen years, works with porcelain and stoneware. Interracotta is a line of decoration with elegant and timeless lines: decorative objects, lights, screens, ... for warm and personalized interiors.

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Françoise Berbaglia