POUF en grès des Vosges

By Morgane RATTON

The egresé, a poetic object of outside!

Material : Vosges sandstone

Dimensions : H 24 cm x W 37 cm x D 27 cm

Weight : 30 kg

Unique piece exhibited at MUba Eugène Leroy in Tourcoing, from October 10 to January 10, 2021, as part of the exhibition "DESIGN: PLEASE DO SO" 

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Morgane RATTON, furniture designer

Trained in Art and Design, Morgane RATTON specializes in furniture design. What she likes is to revisit everyday objects, their functions, their uses, and to bring up to date pieces of furniture that we had somewhat forgotten.

With the creation of this pouf, she surprises and bluffs us! Made of sandstone, a natural stone from the Vosges, this pouffe will find its place in your living room as well as on your terrace. We are amazed by the perfect illusion of a soft cushion in an imaginary fabric with perfectly adjusted folds!

Design and Arts and Crafts, the beautiful in duo

As for all her creations, if she doesn't make them herself, Morgane RATTON works with art craftsmen. It is with  Violette Arbogast, a stone sculptor in Strasbourg, that she has imagined and patiently shaped this unique piece.

Designer but also cabinetmaker, Morgane RATTON has a passion for the material and its transformation. For her, craftsman and designer need each other to innovate and invent the objects of tomorrow, respecting the gesture, the material and serving the beautiful as the functional.

The stoneware pouf exhibited at the MUba, Museum of Tourcoing this fall

Morgane RATTON, a designer from Hauts-de-France, is one of the region's promising young designers. Selected for the exhibition "DESIGN:PLEASE DO SO"  as part of Lille Métropole 2020, Capitale Mondiale du Design, the Pouf will be exhibited at MUba, Museum of Tourcoing from October 10, 2020 to January 10, 2021.

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Morgane RATTON
Morgane RATTON


Morgane RATTON