Table "So Aile"

By Alexandre Taveau

Steel table, compass legs, glittering lacquer finish, polished brass cabochons

Dimensions : L 185 cm x W 85 cm x H 75 cm

Weight : 25 kg 

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"So Aile", a table with an aerial design 

"So Aile" is a steel table with a contemporary and timeless design. The ingenuity of its design gives it a great lightness, thanks to the thinness of its top and its compass legs. The end of the table in folded metal with its polished brass cabochons accentuates the softness and aesthetics of its shapes. Aerial, original, So Aile offers beautiful dimensions. Dining table, desk, meeting table, it adapts to all spaces and uses.

Alexandre Taveau, the ennobled steel

Metal designer Alexandre Taveau explores metal and particularly steel, his favorite material. From this rather cold and industrial material, he explores all the creative possibilities that he revisits to offer us unique creations of great technical and aesthetic rigor. 

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Designer métal
Alexandre Taveau
Alexandre TAVEAU

Metal designer

Alexandre TAVEAU