Vestiaire "JAC Ô"

By Morgane RATTON

Seduce at the entrance with this revisited wardrobe!

Design, compact, practical and vitaminized, a well thought out essential in a chic spirit.

Materials: Light poplar plywood, mechanical cane backrest, wooden peg.

Customizable colors of pegs and fabrics on order.

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Woodworker and designer, Morgane Ratton reenchants the furniture of our daily life

Morgane Ratton likes to rethink the functions and uses of our everyday furniture and above all to give them a new lease on life! This cabinetmaker and designer has always been passionate about design and craftsmanship and has developed a very contemporary collection with simple and effective lines.

For her creative projects, she surrounds herself with craftsmen for a perfect execution and for the love of the excellence of their trade. From the idea to the project, an artistic approach in total complementarity with her artists of the material.

A collaboration with the art craftsman, Laurence Mieg

For this entrance checkroom "Jac Ô", as for the screen "Yo", Morgane Ratton worked with Laurence Mieg, a specialist in caning in Hauts-de-France, from whom she learned the basics. Exchanging, sharing, understanding the craft and the field of its possibilities are essential to think a functional design, respectful of the gesture and the material. 

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Morgane RATTON
Morgane RATTON


Morgane RATTON