Suspension "SARABANDE"

By Françoise Berbaglia

Beautiful ceiling suspension composed of six arums

Mounted on a copper rosette with decorative polished copper rods

Material : White earthenware, modeled and engraved by hand

Unique piece

Dimensions : H 190 cm, adjustable

Lighting by non-iclusive LED bulbs, screw E 14

Delivery included France metropolis

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A line of lighting fixtures in white earthenware

Françoise Bergaglia of INTERRACOTTA has created a line of lighting fixtures in white earthenware, modeled and engraved by hand, very original and decorative. The earthenware reflects a soft and warm light. Françoise has also created wall lights and table lamps on the theme of Arum, which means "yearning" in the language of flowers. You will find them in our gallery. Each piece is unique and several sizes are available. 

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Françoise Berbaglia
On demand