The Artenobilia Online Gallery Concept

Artenobilia is an online gallery which is dedicated to the 'Métiers d'Arts', the French noble term designating the professions in Craftsmanship, here in Contemporary Art. It aims at highlighting the Craft sector's extraordinary vitality and creativity. Acknowledging the fact that the visibility of numerous creative workshops and the accompaniment of the diffusion of their works needed to be developed, ARTENOBILIA was born.

Enamored with Matter and also with all of the various passion-driven Crafts, all of which combine traditional with contemporary creation, Artenobilia aspires to shed the light on the expertise of French craftsmanship, its talented artists, craftsmen and women, and facilitate their accessibility to a clientele of amateurs, collectors and professionals on the international level.

Artenobilia proposes a selection of unique pieces, or in very limited editions, made by expert craftsmen (artistic artisans, Living Heritage companies and young talents) all selected for their the high quality and inventiveness of their works.

Each piece is executed in rare, precious, sustainable premium material which will sublimate your interior environment. The creations proposed on the site are either immediately available or may be ordered according to project and choice.

Exhibitions and professional fairs

In order to enable a large public of Art amateurs to discover these exclusive and original signatures, ARTENOBILIA organizes various exhibitions all around France and also participates in numerous international fairs.

Global accompaniment and comprehensive support:
counselling in communication and print

Artenobilia, for whom the close relationship with the workshops it represents is fundamental, also proposes a mission in counselling and support, in the fields of communication and marketing (the creation of a website, writing out of the contents, presence on social networks, digital campaigns).

At the origins of the Artenobilia brand

Florence Desproges, who is the founder of Artenobilia, has been driven by a long-lasting passion for all creative professions, the gestures and acute precision inscribed in timelessness, living Matter, which changes, transmutes and reinvents itself, the whiff and atmosphere of workshops, the observing gaze of Men witnessing their Time..., all of which build up the lavishness of our cultural patrimony over the decades and centuries. After working over 20 years in Paris and the French provinces for great companies in the field of communication, she then had the opportunity to manage the communication development of one of the most prestigious art markets: the 'Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen' flea-market.

With this collaboration, she welcomed Art Artisans, and enabled Art-lovers and collectors to discover the extraordinary richness of the savoir-faire of French Craftsmanship. She participated in the creation of the 2nd edition of the 'Printemps des Puces', on the theme « Un marchand, un artiste » ('a merchant, an artist') which brought together more than 300 antique-dealers and creative craftsmen. Henceforth, this event became an annual awaited-for 'rendez-vous'.

Conscious of the importance of visibility and that of support and accompaniment of all of these arts craftsmen and women, she decided to create Artenobilia in order to promote and make accessible the 'Made in France' expertise to a French and international clientele.