or the art of seating revisited by three young designers

BARLEY, English Gentlemen's club, is the collective work of three young designers around three traditional skills: cabinetmaking, weaving and upholstery.
BARLEY, which means "barley" in English, is a two-seater armchair for a tête-à-tête, also called "Confident". Its shape is inspired by the Second Empire and its style by the English gentlemen's clubs, particularly the Chesterfield chairs of the late 19th century. Designed with a masculine spirit and a nod to whiskey barrels, BARLEY is a very contemporary and elegant piece.

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The challenge of three young designers

This confident was entirely conceived and designed by three young designers: Vincent HUDELOT, cabinetmaker, for the design of the oak structure, Magali VOIRIN, upholsterer, for the seat covering, Justine BOSSE, weaver, for the weaving of the leather. Made in eight months by hand, BARLEY was a real challenge for these three craftsmen designers. A piece of furniture that required a lot of research, technicality, and coordination between their different skills. A complex realization that led each of them to go beyond their technical constraints. A rich collaboration to which each one is very attached, and which proves, if it were needed, how much the art crafts are innovative and creative.

The BARLEY confidant, a luxurious aesthetic between French touch and British spirit

A blend of tradition and modernity, this seat has been completely revisited to adapt to today's stylistic codes while retaining the charm of the intimacy of the French confidant and the enigmatic atmosphere of English clubs.

Exceptional for the know-how it brings together, the quality of its materials, the modernity of its aesthetic intention, our craftsmen designers have brought, through their subtle contemporary design elements - brass fillets in the wood, glass rests at the ends of the seat - the luxurious and delicately French touch for an intimate conversation with rediscovered charms.

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High quality French raw materials

The BARLEY confidant is made of oiled oak wood, dipped lamb leather, linen and polyester threads, animal and vegetable hair, coconut fibers, springs, and jute canvas.

From the original oak trunk transformed by Vincent HULOT, this imposing piece weighs 80 kg and has generous dimensions to sublimate a living room, a reception area...

8 months of work with 6 hands, 67 kg of oak, 15 m2 of lambskin and 22 kms of thread were necessary for the realization of this warm and very comfortable seat.

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