Rose Saneuil, a marquetry inlayer working with multiple materials.

For 14 years now and along with personal and commissioned projects, Rose Sanneuil has created her own technique in order to master « marqueterie multi-matières » with all her might and passion. Enamored with drawing ever since her childhood, Rose surprisingly encountered marquetry along the way. After a first professional experience, she decided to train at the Ecole Boulle in Paris and she attended the adult training session in woodwork with a special option in marquetry from first year onward. « It was a true encounter, just like love at first sight: I was exactly where I wanted to be », she says.

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Then, events unraveled and came together. Once she finished training, she came to work for the Elie Bleu Company, specializing in luxury cigar cases. A commissioned project in marquetry for the Maison Cartier acted as a thunderbolt. « In marquetry, I found the way to unite the two aspects of my personality, she explains retrospectively. Marquetry is something very technical, which corresponds to my Cartesian side, but on the other hand, it's decoration. And that enables me to express my artistic and creative side. I have always found it hard to exist within a framework! Marquetry synthetizes exactly who I am and fulfills my need for expression. »

A registered technique

After spending eight years with the Elie Bleu company, where she carried out numerous projects using mother of pearl, metal, and wood, she decided to launch her own business. As projects unfurled, she developed her own technique: for Cartier, she used shagreen, for Hermès, she used leather... and she ended up registering it at the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI). « The basis of my work is drawing, which I achieve by hand or with Photoshop, she specifies. I often start out working from photos, then I put colour in. This acts as a rough draft. Then I choose materials. And only after all that, I adapt my technique to the support. ».

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It is a new approach every time. Each project demands research, adaptation of technique, the choice of specific glue (she uses about a dozen of them) and tests to serve a savoir-faire demanding great meticulousness. Rose Saneuil works alone and manufactures all of these pieces, be they unique or by mini-series (maximum 3 to 20), entirely by hand. Her only enemy, she asserts, is laser! « If, in my modest way, I can bring emotion, through my work, to a small intimate circle of people, that's grand for me», she humbly admits. After having canvassed for years, such as in Switzerland and Germany where her premium work was acknowledged, she now is solicited by great brands. Even in France. It is a well-deserved reward for this 'marqueteuse multi-matières', brought up by her market-gardening grand-parents from the Sarthe region, and for whom Nature remains the first and foremost source of inspiration…

Isabel Soubelet, journalist
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Photo credits : Eric VALDENAIRE
Photo captions :
- Médaillon « L’Oiseau Bleu »
- Montre PIAGET, dial with rosewood and mother-of-pearl inlays
- Cigar case 'Damajagua' for Davidoff