Caroline SCHOLL

master-glazier designer

The Art of Fire, a family affair

Caroline SCHOLL is a master-glazier designer who has offered her expertise to "Maisons de luxe françaises" for more than twenty years.

Born into a family of artisans of the Arts of Fire, Caroline inherited their sensitivity for the transformation of matter. She trained at the" Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Nancy" n design and home-architecture, and then worked for eight years as Creative Director for the prestigious French Maison, the Cristallerie Lalique.

Creator of "Sillage d'Intérieur", or Interior Fragrance Wake

In 2015, she founded "Secret d'Alchimie", a french "Maison" creating home fragrances, or what the French call a frangance wake, thus designing exceptional pieces and a new typology for home fragrance items.

Caroline proposes a collection of candles names "Envol" (fly away). A graphic variation on the butterfly theme enhances the five classy and exclusive fragrances which were elaborated in Grasse, the French capital for the manufacture of perfume, all by a scent creator, with and for Caroline, according to the tradition of "Haute Parfumerie". each one of them was conceived as a sensorial adventure, a refinement equal to that of a skin perfume, in order to breathe life into a genuine fragrance wake.

Exceptional objects

The "Athanor", another collection, is inspired by the alchemist's crucible. This collection is a playful combination of contrasts between materials and forms, such as the apparent fragility of glass with the strength of metal. Complex ans sophisticated manufacturing techniques, which Caroline Scholl perfects along with artisans who share her passion for beautiful materials and very specific expertise, guarantee the quality and authenticity of these unique pieces of Art.

"Parade", her latest creation, s a fragrance diffuser, born from her collaborative research with Frédérique Vinel, an artisan specialized in leather craftsmanship. Innovation is inherent to their approach of the object, teeming with sensitive processing, precious materials, subtle fragrances and poetic shapes.

Her brand "Secret d'Alchimie" has the ambition to combine these prestigious savoir-faire with design so as to enhance their value and make them be part and parcel of their time.

Exhibitions and Events

Caroline Scholl obtained the Beauty Challenger Award in the "Fragrance" category at the BEYOND BEAUTY Salon in Paris in 2015.

She participates in events and exhibitions dedicated to Crafsmanship in Fine Arts as well as Design.

Caroline SCHOLL
Caroline SCHOLL


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