Nathalie FOSSE

sculptor,plastic surgeon,cabinetmaker designer

Nathalie FOSSE, sculptress of emotions

Sculptress, woodworker, plastician, Nathalie FOSSE creates opening sculptures, bearing pure shapes and inspired by Nature. Trained at the prestigious Institution Saint-Luc at Tournai in Belgium, she settled at the Village des Métiers d'Art in Desvres before opening her own workshop in Boulogne.

Jewel-case sculptures 

Her sculptures bear the shape of eggs or shells, in supernatural sizes, are adorned with the finest of materials, so as to become unique, precious and sophisticated pieces. 

They are made of wood, metal, resin, glass fiber, bronze, are covered with precious wood, mother of pearl, shagreen, python skin, ostridge or emu egg shell. Their precious insides are lined with leather, feathers, maple veneer,... 

These exceptional pieces are marked by great technicity and require several months to be perfected. They generate awe, not only because of their size but also with their tactile beauty and originality.

"Inspired by nature, my sculptures have only one vocation, to surprise, to make dream, to arouse the curiosity and the reflection".


Nathalie FOSSE was awarded the first prize for the Biennale de la Création et des Arts Décoratifs in 2008 for her sculpture "Aphrodite". She has participated in many exhibitions for ten years, in France and abroad, and also at the prestigious "REVELATIONS" exhibition at the Grand Palais.

Nathalie FOSSE
Nathalie FOSSE


x €32,000

Opening sculpture "Self-portrait". Unique exceptional piece

Ovoid cabinet in...

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