Laurence WALDNER

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Laurence Waldner, Art weaver with rare savoir-faire

Laurence WALDNER is a contemporary artist and art weaver whose savoir-faire is rare and exceptional in today's world. In the early 80's, Laurence was the very last apprentice for this craft in the whole of France. She learnt all of its golden rules with Jean-Yves Nicot in the Finistère. She then went on discovering the realm of material and colour, as well as the freedom inherent to creativity in the various workshops of French Haute Couture.

The Art of fiber and weaving

In 2005, she opened her workshop-gallery in the Morbihan and settled in Paris in 2016.

Laurence works with hand treadle looms. Her textile creations are a sensitive outlook on today's world, its beauty, its colours, as well as its chaos. With Time, her gestures have merged into those of a painter. Each and very one of her tapestries is a genuine mural sculpture which tells a story, each revealing the artist's emotion through the alchemy of textures, colours, curves and volumes.

Laurence likes to work on various fibers, intermingling them with other elements, thus offering to our eyes the possibility to meander within materials and textures so that the vibrance of the piece resonates in our innermost depths.

"My work takes a sensitive look at the world, its beauty, its colors and its chaos"


Laurence WALDNER has participated in numerous international exhibitions as contemporary artist for many years.

In 2019 : Salon d'Automne (Paris), Marché Dauphine - Artenobilia (Paris saint-Ouen), Salon REVELATION (Grand Palais Paris), Galerie The Fibery (Paris), Galerie éphémère de l'EAC (JEMA Paris), ART CAPITAL (Paris), Artenobilia (Ile de Ré), Festival d'Art Contemporain (Saint-Saturnin), Galerie CARA MARS (Auxerre),...

In 2018 : ART3F (Paris), the "Handwerk und Design" Exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin, Exposition "De main de maître" à l'Espace Commines (Paris), Exposition "Un Marchand, un Artiste" au Marché Biron (Puces de Paris saint-Ouen), Salon d'Automne (Champs-Elysées Paris), Art & Design, Flora Auvray et Arty Road-show

Laurence WALDNER
Laurence WALDNER


A new look at contemporary tapestry

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Contemporary tapestry made by the artist and weaver Laurence Waldner. 


Contemporary tapestry realized on a loom with low heddles. Unique piece of contemporary...