Marie RANCILLAC, céramiste de la nature

Trained in sculpture at the Atelier Charles SEMSER, as well as in drawing and fashion design, Marie RANCILLAC has always been inspired by the art of still-life and the beauty of simple things. Marie is truly fond of shapes encountered in the realm of plants and which are naturally beautiful. According to her, nothing is more inspiring for a sculptor than a shapely pear, the curves of a gourd, the roundness of a turnip and the infinite power of anthropomorphic seduction. So she sets out to shape ribbons and coils made of clay and grogged stoneware, which she piles up, assembles, bunches and wraps, and then stages.

"I wanted to be the grosse légume (bigwig) in art"

Marie Rancillac invites us in her extraordinary garden, full of savour and sensuality, with her ripe orchard fruits and cropped vegetables made of stoneware or bronze, deliciously presented or diverted. According to Marie, «what matters is Volume, and also, sculpture seen as an offering, a token of generousity, and also an amusement to make all of these advantageous forms meet into a playful confrontation.» 

"I wanted to be a big art vegetable, but since I love still life and accumulation, I chose, instead of depicting naked women, to model in my Vilmorin catalog."


Marie RANCILLAC has exhibited her works since 1996 in numerous galleries, personal or collective exhibitions and she was given several public commissions for special projects.

In 2019 : Galerie Collection- Paris, Exposition ARTENOBILIA - Marché Dauphine Paris Puces de Saint-Ouen, "Céramiques gourmandes" exhibition- Fondation Bernardaud Limoges, Maison du Docteur Gachet - Auvers-sur- Oise, Galerie Grès, ...


Ceramic sculpture made of chamotte stoneware on a metal base.

Still life in homage...

"HAT BOX" Ceramic sculpture in stoneware engobed chamotte

Humor and poetry for...

Ceramic sculpture in grog stoneware engobed.

The lemon on its pedestal!...

Ceramic sculpture in stoneware chamotte engobed. Unique piece

Juicy and greedy...

"Sorrento" is a ceramic sculpture made of stoneware engobed on a metal base.


"UNE BELLE TÊTE", ceramic sculpture in grog stoneware on a metal base

Humor and...

Bronze sculpture "Pépins". Unique piece

Dimensions : 28 cm x 15 cm

Bronze sculpture entitled "Three apricots"

Unique piece

DIMENSIONS: 27 cm x...

Ceramic sculpture realized in stoneware chamotte engobed.

Unique piece 


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