From Japan to Poitiers, an incredible journey

Japanese, settled since 1997 in Poitiers, Yuko KURAMATSU creates for the art of the table porcelain plates, cups, bowls and gourmet sculptures according to the Japanese technique NERIKOMI. Original collections that are the result of a wonderful marriage between two ceramic traditions, French and Japanese.

The career of Yuko is a long one.

Yuko KURAMATSU's background alone is incredible. Born in Japan, Yuko studied there and led a fulfilling first professional life as a teacher in Kawasaki. Her thirst for travel led her to discover Europe and Paris, which dazzled her with its culture, its art of living, its stores and its language. She had to give it time, enough time to decide to leave everything and come and settle in France. In Poitiers precisely, a medium-sized city she chose to pursue her language studies and discover the France of territories.

A ceramic between two cultures, French and Japanese

Since she was always gifted with her hands, the cultural life of Poitou led her to discover the work of ceramics and more particularly the turning which fascinated her, with the ceramist Dany SOURIAU. A decisive meeting which will be the starting point of a new professional adventure. Her passion for clay, her thirst for learning and exploring the material led her to become interested in the ancestral Japanese technique NERIKOMI. After an intensive training, she went back to Japan to train with Master Eiji MUROFUSHI. Strengthened by this new practice, she returns to France and develops her own technique.

NERIKOMI, a Japanese ceramic technique

NERI-KOMI refers to patterning techniques from colored earths in Japanese. "NERI" means to mix and "KOMI" to press. The technique involves mixing previously colored clays with natural pigments by pressing them together and then assembling them. This technique is done in several steps and is also called "NERIKOMI". The NERIKOMI pieces show the different shades of color and the transparency of the porcelain in the light. Yuko KURAMATSU does not glaze her pieces, she likes to keep the mattness of the porcelain and give them a very soft touch.

Since 2017, Yuko KURAMATSU regularly exhibits in France and in Japanese galleries.

Yuko's NERIKOMI pieces are a journey to an unknown porcelain, those of mixed lands, to the sources of traditional Japanese art. A translucent ceramic, with soft and delicate colors on the underside, mysterious and symbolic.



- April 12-14: Festival de la Céramique - Paris 11

- March 28-June 21: Céramiques Gourmandes- Fondation Bernardaud-Limoges

- June 27-30: Saint-Sulpice Céramique- Paris 6

- Oct 3-6: 14th Contemporary Ceramics Fair of Normandy

- Nov 8-11: RESONANCES fair - Strasbourg

- Dec 12-15: Les Arts du Feu- Rennes


- March 13-15: Festival of Ceramics - Paris 11

- August 8-10: Festival of Ceramics in Anduze

- Sept 9-Nov 8: A TABLE 3 - La Cure, Pôle des Métiers d'Art de Saint-Jean Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire

- Oct 1-4: Saint-Sulpice Céramique- Paris 6

- Nov 6-9: RESONANCE(S) Virtuel exhibition - STRASBOURG



The traditional Japanese art invites itself in your interior!


Decorative or presentation plate for a gourmet break!


Put some poetry on your table with gourmandise!

Rose flower...

A poetic breakfast!

Turquoise Blue Rose Flower Bowl


Aperitif or coffee cups, gourmet for sure!

Unglazed porcelain...

Aperitif or coffee cups, gourmet for sure!

Unglazed porcelain...

Bring the poetry of traditional Japanese art to your table!