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Julie BARBEAU, embroidery artisan and contemporary artist

Julie BARBEAU creates 'tableaux', entirely hand-embroidered, as she would paintings. Artistic embroidery is reinvented with a contemporary and unprecedented twist, without any compromises in terms of the quality demands of this ancestral savoir-faire.

Julie BARBEAU draws inspiration in VASARELY, the master of optic art and also in the Decorative Arts teeming with manifold motifs. She designs each of her tableaux as a visual and sensory experience. Her world is very graphic, full of soft hues and tones, nuances and gradation, light and shade, optical effects, brilliance of textures.

Embroidery, which is a major skill in the field of textile, lacks representation in contemporary Art. Julie BARBEAU fully intends to revive this rare savoir-faire and make this medium stand out on the forefront of contemporary Art and the world of high-decoration.

Training to the highest levels of excellence

AAfter obtaining a design-oriented BAC in Arts Appliqués, Julie BARBEAU was first attracted by the world of performing arts. During her two years' training for the Brevet des Métiers d'Art, she discovered the world of Haute-Couture. It was a genuine revelation. The creative possibilities of the traditional art of embroidery - stitches, ornamental motives, textures,...- struck her as being infinite. She chose to attend the prestigious school of embroidery in Rochefort during two years in order to master technique and achieve a good amount of research.

An artistic approach towards Emotion

Julie BARBEAU progressively builds a very personal visual and emotional realm. Not only an embroiderer but also a passionate analogue photographer, she creates hybrid pieces of art from photograms of her embroideries. The dialogue between techniques, her totally new approach of embroidery, all very graphic, pictural and resolutely contemporary are at the core of her artistic process.

Julie BARBEAU defends with force and passion this precious savoir-faire which has its rightful place in contemporary spaces.

"My embroideries are designed as unique high-decorative pieces in Contemporary Art for every one to develop an emotional relationship with."

Julie BARBEAU was nominated in the regional selection for the Concours Ateliers d'Art de France in 2020, with her work "Argentique".



- "La P'tite expo" - Office de Tourisme Estuaire et Sillon (44)

- "Le Printemps au garage", galerie Garage, Nantes (44)


- "ExFabrica", Théâtre de l'Horizon, La Pallice - La Rochelle 17 avec l'association Mue Dada



Optical embroidery, sensory experience

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Games of geometry in the infinitely small


When embroidery and photography become one

Unique piece


Metallic embroidery on textile print from photograms

Unique piece


Dialogue between embroidery and photography

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