Morgane RATTON


Morgane Ratton, cabinetmaker and designer

Cabinetmaker and designer, Morgane Ratton develops a collection of unique pieces, furniture and everyday objects that she revisits to bring them up to date, both in form and in use, valuing the craft skills of the territories. Its ambition, to propose an aesthetic and a new look of the object, to rediscover the materials and to be open to new forms.

A training in Art and Design Crafts

Morgane Ratton first trained in cabinetmaking, because of her interest in furniture design, but she could just as easily have learned other crafts, such as tapestry or ceramics, so passionate is she about the skills that make up the richness of our heritage and culture.

For five years, she studied cabinetmaking at the Lycée des Métiers d'Art in Saint-Quentin in the Aisne region before continuing her studies in product design and obtaining her Higher Diploma of Applied Arts in Design in 2017. She created her micro-enterprise in 2018 which she developed within the incubator of Métiers d'Art in Saint-Quentin.

Savoir-faire and design, a complementarity in the service of beauty and functionality

Morgane Ratton works by combining design and know-how. Her main approach is based on collaborations with art craftsmen from her region of Hauts de France and on other supports than wood thus leading to the creation of unique pieces or small series.

When she collaborates with a craftsman, it is above all his know-how and the material he uses that she seeks to enhance. She questions the practice of the craft and the image that we have of it. She also questions the material and thus tries to bring it to other horizons.

Artisan and designer, sharing to innovate

Morgane Ratton is convinced that craftsman and designer need each other to create objects turned towards innovation, while respecting the tradition of know-how. Creating in exchange, sharing, an almost fusional complementarity with the craftsmen to achieve exceptional pieces and in a common desire, is the meaning of her work. All his pieces give rise to beautiful collaborations in a mutual enrichment.

"What amazes me is this ability, this gift that some people have to work with their hands on a material and give it a form. A form within a material that will ultimately propose a use."

Awarded second place in the 2015 National Future of Crafts Award, Morgane Ratton participated in 2019 at the Salon International des Métiers d'Art in Lens.

Her upcoming exhibitions:

- From October 10, 2020 to the end of January 2021, the stoneware pouf will be exhibited at the MUBA Eugène Leroy, museum in Tourcoing as part of Lille World Capital of Design,

- From November 13 to 15, 2020: Lens International Art Trades Fair

Morgane RATTON
Morgane RATTON


Mirror, pretty mirror... We don't think we're saying it right!


Christie, the essential beautiful feminine object 

Very elegant...

x €2,730

Modulate space with lightness! 

Materials : Poplar plywood,...

The egresé, a poetic object of outside!

Material : Vosges...

x €2,800

Seduce at the entrance with this revisited wardrobe!


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