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Kapara, the art of high-end leather weaving

KAPARA, which means "textile" in Hindi, is an art workshop specialized in high-end leather weaving. An artisanal know-how that has become rare and is practiced today by a small handful of craftsmen. KAPARA, created by Justine Bossé in 2016, is, at the same time, a creation and research studio that offers woven leather fabrics for stylists and designers and an art craft workshop that designs its own original creations, decorative paintings and unique pieces of furniture.

Justine Bossé, artisan weaver and textile designer, founder of KAPARA

This art and fashion enthusiast since childhood first took a BTS in fashion design in France before pursuing her master's degree at the Royal Academy of Belgium. Five years in this prestigious institution that were for her, an incredible wealth of technical learning, encounters and the revelation of her vocation.

The vocation of leather, a story of encounters

The encounter with leather for Justine Bossé is first and foremost a story of men and women, professional teachers who were able to transmit to her the passion and concrete experience of their craft and the exploration of the material. His interest in technique, in this noble, supple, sensual material, with multiple varieties of effects and colors will thus gradually impose itself as an artistic, creative and artisanal path.

The weaver's craft, a complex apprenticeship

Justine Bossé, creates her leather fabrics on a low loom. Learning this complex craft requires patience, great rigor and a state of mind that has little to do with the immediacy of our contemporary production methods. This traditional and ancestral art is that of the long time and the meticulous construction of its work. Thus, from a drawing, a pattern that she has previously in mind, Justine first installs one by one, vertically, the threads on her loom that we call "warp", before integrating and then weaving perpendicularly her leather threads to the weft.

Mastering the technique of weaving to better get away from it

While the know-how of the weavers has always been Justine Bossé's primary source of inspiration, she nonetheless considers "that you have to master the technique in order to better get rid of it." Leather offers her infinite possibilities of weaving, of associating effects and textile materials to invent new and multiple uses. Woven fabrics that are in turn the source of inspiration for other designers, leatherworkers, milliners, stylists, decorators,... who in a dress, an interior decoration, combine the beauty of his work.

KAPARA, a workshop for the production of unique and eco-friendly works

Alongside the design of woven fabrics in leathers, which have been carefully selected in France, Justine Bossé creates unique pieces of wall decoration and furniture in collaboration with other creative craftsmen. Factors of emulation and mutual challenges, these alliances between different know-how are for them, the opportunity to surpass themselves and to show how much the young artisanal generation is a force of talent and artistic proposals.

Barley, an exceptional piece of furniture

Barley is a two-seater armchair, which is called "confident". It is the result of the alliance of three skills: cabinetmaking, weaving and upholstery. This confidant, which is inspired by the English gentlemen's club of the late nineteenth century and Chesterfield armchairs, is a magnificent piece of furniture of research, technicality and modernity.

Justine Bossé also creates wall art in collaboration with Adele Guyodo, a completely original and new proposal for interior design.

Find out our focus on the design of the BARLEY Confident

"To master the technique of leather weaving in order to better dispose of it and thus invent new uses for interior decoration"

Winner of the Banque Populaire Foundation, Justine Bossé participated in 2016 and 2019 in the prestigious Salon des Métiers d'Art et de la Création REVELATIONS as well as in the Salon AD MATIERES d'ART in 2018, which celebrates the decorative professions.



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