The Secret Passage Workshop : bringing a new vision to porcelain

Ever since its creation in 2012, the 'Atelier Passage Secret' has broken all codes and rejuvenated uses and representations in the field of porcelain. Along with their successive collections and the architectural projects they keep on developing, they have succeeded in imposing a new perspective on this material and generating amazement with the technical prowesses they have achieved with time and patience.

Innovative research is at the core of their creative process

Yael and Guillaume first met in Limoges to work on a research and development project in interior design. They then decided to unite their complementary talents : Yael's artistic creativity and Guillaume's technicity, thus developing together totally original and innovative creative projects. As soon as they launched their first creations in porcelain weaving, they generated awe and admiration and therefore were awarded the first prize in the Concours National d’Ateliers d’Art de France. This was followed by various projects in Limoges with the Fondation Bernardaud as well as an intense and unrelening artistic production.

When porcelain transmutes into lace.

Artenobilia presents two collections, « Apparence » and « Écume », bicolor vases coming in different sizes, made in breathtakingly pure, transparent porcelain. 

« We were determined not to stick to the trodden path and wanted to reveal the unexpected, the unordinary. It is from he strong emulation between our technicad and creative skills that emerged the will to form a duo.»

Events and exhibitions

The Atelier Passage Secret has participated in numerous exhibitionssince its creation : professional exhibits dedicated to Arts and Crafts, such as 'Kraft' in the Salon Maison et Objet, the Salon International des Métiers d'Art in Lens...

In 2020, their programme was:

- From September 12 to13, Salon de la Céramique in Lyon

- From October 28 to 31, Salon du Patrimoine Culturel at the Carrousel du Louvre.

The Atelier Passage Secret has also been awarded several prizes: plusieurs prix

- The Prix Régional et National Ateliers d'Art de France in 2013

- The Prix INMA/Fondation Ernst and Young/Fondation Rigoud in 2013

- The Prix Régional des Métiers d'Art - Fondation Banque Populaire section Innovation in 2019



Vase in two-tone porcelain white and blue

Unique piece

Dimension: Height 61...

When porcelain becomes lace

Two-tone porcelain vase white/black...

"Appearance and transparency

Two-tone black and white porcelain...

The foam as an aerial and mineral foam...

Vase in two-tone...

Foam like an aerial and mineral foam

Vase in two-tone...

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