PRECIOUS KYOTO, discovering the arts and crafts of Kyoto

Discovering traditional Japanese arts and crafts, and more specifically those of the city of Kyoto, a thousand-year-old city, is the ambition of the PRECIOUS KYOTO project carried out in France by Maison WA. Since the year of Japanism, in 2018, France has gone, through exhibitions, to meet this contrasting country that combines an extremely rich cultural and heritage past and an incredible modernity. The city of Kyoto has a particularly exceptional craftsmanship that today combines tradition and modernity, which we invite you to discover through our selection.

An ARTENOBILIA partnership with the WA House

At the initiative of the Kyoto Prefecture, PRECIOUS KYOTO thus honors the excellence of its artisanal workshops that have been able to perpetuate their know-how, the respect of the emblematic materials of Japan. Artenobilia is pleased and honored to contribute to the discovery of the works of these artists and warmly thanks the House of WA in Paris for its trust.

Gold leaf paintings, woven silk tapestries, woodcutting,.... Each creation speaks to us of the imprint of time, of a memory anchored in the gesture that continues, differently, but always with the same rigor, wisdom and eternity.

Genius of natural materials and excellent techniques from traditional Kyoto craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

Évènements et expositions

PRECIOUS KYOTO est un projet itinérant présenté dans plusieurs salons internationaux pour faire découvrir l'excellence de l'artisanat d'Art de la ville de Kyoto qui perpétue une tradition du geste artisanal et des matières dans une approche contemporaine.



Revealing the WA, symbol of harmony and connection

Sculpture in...

Kyokarakami Maruni

Painting composed of small and large wooden...


A painting with an undulating surface like a wave,...