So "funny birds in their Sunday best"

Painter-decorator, Sandrine Chambéry, creates painted decor for the home, decorative panels and custom wall projects. Her enchanting universe, a bestiary of "funny birds in their Sunday best", as she calls them, plunges us into a baroque imagination full of humor. Her anthropomorphic characters, high up, haughty, with elegant feathered dresses, 1900's fashion accessories, twirling ribbons, put mischievousness and a charm of yesteryear in our interiors.  

Decorative painter and fabulist

Trained in visual communication at the Duperré school, then in illustration at the Decorative Arts of Strasbourg, Sandrine first works as an author-illustrator in publishing before joining the great family of the theater as a decorator and costume designer. Her sense of decor and staging will gradually lead her to the world of home decoration. Her work is exceptional and we are delighted to dive into the story of her characters with a taste of our childhood and delicate decorations. Live entertainment on our walls, for the happiness of adults and children!

"My panels are created as windows to the imagination, story supports to embellish our walls"

Events and exhibitions

Sandrine Chambéry participates in many professional decoration shows but also in exhibitions.

In 2019, she participates in the exhibition "Zoographies", a look at image writing through an unusual bestiary at the André François Center, regional resource center on the Album and Illustration in Compiègne.



And if we put a little Frivolity in our interiors!

"The funny...

The beautiful Pink... Flamingo

And if you put a touch of humor in...

Chivalrous fantasy!

acrylic on wood painting/wall panel