Alexandre TAVEAU

metal designer

The Art of metal

Alexandre Taveau has been making his dream come true for more than a decade now:metalwork, and more specifically, wrought steel. He manufactures furniture, lighting, seats, tables, consoles, from the design to the slightest finishings.

His unique pieces or very small series are thus all designed and manufactured on his own. He also achieves one-off commisioned pieces for private customers or for designers. He seeks to enhance all of the material's aesthetic properties.

A new perspective on stell

Alexandre Taveau has always been attracted by creation, wood and metal. After his first profession as a double-bassist in lyrical and symphony orchestras, it is as a self-made man that he stepped onto the path of Creation by transforming wooden furniture by covering them with thin sheets of metal. In the course of his work ans discoveries, steel became his favourite material, under the influence of the iconoclastic decorator and designer minimalist furniture, Jean-Michel FRANCK.

Alexandre loves this rater industrial material which he ennobles thanks to the patina and wax he has adjusted to his very personal use. For some years now, he has progressively developed new techniques adapted to his creations, such as thin metal plating covered with thin enamelled strips, the manufacturing by weldment or flame-wrought pieces. His creations always convey sobriety in form, elegance, refinement and purity.

I like to rediscover the secrets of old workshops and develop my own finishing techniques and patinas for the metal furniture i create.

Alexandre Taveau's creations are mainly exhibited in his showroom and also among antique dealers and interior decorators in the midst of "The Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen" flea market.

Alexandre TAVEAU
Alexandre TAVEAU


x €2,700

Black lacquered steel luminary composed of three articulated gallows on a wall box,...

x €2,700

The sun and the light!

Wall light in hammered brass, crossed by a...

Finesse and lightness for this Art Deco inspired floor lamp!


2 doors steel and ceramic cabinet

Unique piece

Materials : Steel fronts and...

x €3,200

Steel table, compass legs, glittering lacquer finish, polished brass cabochons


Very nice seat in patinated steel and elm wood!

Set of three stools in steel with...

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