A code-challenging jewel-artist

Karine Niemand is a contemporary jeweller- goldsmith who is both atypical and mysterious. Creator of unique pieces, her work is the result of a career path paved with multiple influences: personal, literary, artistic and philosophical.

She sculpts, melds, moulds and shapes silver and gold according to goldsmithing techniques, very often combining and associating peculiar stones such as quartz bearing inclusions or opals, or various materials. Considering jewellery as a true means of expression, she transposes and sublimates her emotions, desires and passions in order to generate poetic masterpieces, which bear a style and signature of her very own.

Jewellery teeming with symbols

Ever since childhood, the practice of painting, literature and theatre nourished the life of this graduate of both the IEP of Lille and Paris. After a few professional experiences, Karine Niemand, at the age of 29, left for a six months' travel in Cambodia. This crucial initiatory journey enabled her to come back to her artistic calling. Back in France, Karine achieved a gemmology certification, was accepted in the famous Ecole Boulle and obtained the CAP in Art du Bijou et du Joyau. She developed a passion for the works of Jean Vendome, multiplied her various training sessions among jewellers and goldsmiths and obtained in 2010 her hallmark as "Maître" (master). Very quickly, her creations were exhibited in galleries or museum exhibits, in the Decorative Arts Museums of Berlin and Madrid.

At the heart of her work, the "Etoiles filantes" (shooting stars) and the "Tectoniques", are the revelation of her art which conveys a constellation of questions on Time, telluric forces, the fundamental drives of the human being, the duality of the soul, the cycles of Life, its vanities...thus generating a journey to the Self which can inspire each and everyone of us.

Karine Niemand works with rare and precious materials, mostly recycled, in memory of those who extracted them from the earth. Her "Shooting Stars" and "Tectonics" reflect a poetic and intimate art and speak to us of her "humanity", her "time" and her "living".

Exhibitions and Events

Since 2010, Karine has regularly exhibited her works in galleries and participated in collective exhibitions on contemporary jewellery or 'Métiers d'Art' in France and abroad.

- September 2017: Collective Exhibition: "Design et Artisanat, Paris and Berlin exhibit their creators”, Hôtel de Ville de Paris

- March 2018 : Collective exhibition: "Transformation: Design aus Paris und Berlin", Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin

- April-May 2019 : Collective Exhibition with Christine Peter and Eloi Miehe: drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, JEMA 2019, l'Atelier Envoûtant, Paris 12

- February-July 2019: Collective exhibition on jewellery "L'Amour des Voyages" at the gallery of the Pôle Bijou in Baccarat (the capital of cristal based in the east of France)

- October-November 2019 : Exhibition together with Monsieur Hector: sculptures, drawings, photographies, jewellery, L'Atelier Envoûtant, Paris 12

- February-March 2020 : Collective exhibition on Goldsmithing and contemporary jewellery at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid.