marquetry artist

Rose SANEUIL, a masterful marquetry artist

Rose SANEUIL is an exceptional marquetry artist, whose work is outstanding and unique. Her difference lies in the way she associates different materials on the same piece of woodwork. Rose plays with materials: bone, straw, leather, egg shell, parchment, tobacco leaves, sycamore – and she continuously explores new association techniques.

Prestigious luxury brands invite her to join in on specific projects so as to create decorums and unusual subjects requiring her talent, such as watch dials, caskets, jewellery,... for she is at ease with the creation of paintings just as she is with miniature projects where she assembles, on just a few square centimetres, more than 150 bits of marquetry and around fifty different colours and textures!

Art craftsmanship as obvious

Ever since her childhood, Rose was attracted by arts and crafts, and so she naturally chose to study visual arts before joining a training curriculum in cabinetmaking, thus specializing in marquetry. Her first years' experience in a 'tabletterie' (flat woodworking) company enabled her to work on the ornamentation of cases, caskets, dials, jewellery and to already achieve exceptional projects for great Maisons. She set up her own workshop in 2013 and has multiplied ever since many collaborations with great international luxury brands such as Piaget or Davidoff. 

"My artistic approach is above all aesthetic in order to captivate the eye towards a form, a color, a material. My goal is to make you forget the technique to be attracted only by the artistic work"


- Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel, Caroussel du Louvre. 2019

- ARTENOBILIA, Marché Dauphine, Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen. 2019

- Salon REVELATIONS, Grand Palais, Paris. 2019

- AD "Matières d'Art", Paris. 2018

- "Un Marchand, Un Artiste", Galerie Birch Bark - Marché dauphine, Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen. 2018

- Salon "PREMIERE CLASSE", Jardin des Tuileries, Paris. 2017

- Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel, Caroussel du Louvre. 2017



Table in marquetry multi-materials. Unique piece

Materials: sycamore, tulip tree,...

Small size marquetry painting. Unique piece

Materials: Ash, sycamore, burr walnut,...

Table in marquetry multi-materials. Unique piece

Materials: dyed sycamores,...

Table made of multi-material marquetry. Small size

Unique piece. 


Table in marquetry multi-materials. Small size

Unique piece


Table of marquetry multi-materials.

Unique piece

Materials: Koto,...

Triptych in marquetry. Unique piece

Materials: tinted sycamores, plane tree mesh,...

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