seat upholstery

Plant Fibre Sculptress

“Creator in the Art of upholstering and sculptress of plant fibre”, as she likes to call herself, Nadège FROUIN-BRACKEZ is an exception in seat upholstering. For fifteen years now, she has offered resurrection and metamorphosis to seats and carcasses from all periods and styles, giving them a totally new life, in natural and sustainable materials such as “vegetable hair” or plant fiber, linen strands, cotton canvas,... covered – or not – with designer fabrics.

An upholstery full of heart-felt poetry

She settled her workshop-gallery in Chatou in 2017 and let her fantastical imagination break loose, thus offering us sculptural seats, both inspired and inspiring. Each creation is unique and tells a story with passion, tenderness and fantasy. They are tributes to Cocteau's poetry, or to the “Chanson Française” (songs), such as those of Barbara, which are true odes to Feminity and Love...

She draws, sculpts the framework, plays with its shape in order to remodel its lines, its outline, intertwining its bends and curves. Nature, in all its strength and beauty, is often floral, and always present in her work. The poetry inherent to all of her creations combines with rigorous manufacture and great comfort.

She gives life to the seats, writing a new story each time, inspired by nature, poetry or emotion. Seats with a subtle play of lines and curves.

Nadège's creations have unrelentlessly attracted attention ever since 2010. She was awarded the "Vive la relève" prize, encouraging young successors picking up the baton of Craftsmanship, bestowed by the Chambre des Métiers de Paris during the Salon des Métiers d'Art et de la création of the Carrousel du Louvre. Sha also received the Prix de l'Assemblée Nationale at the Salon des Beaux Arts in Sannois. Nadège participated in many 'Salons', or exhibitions, such as the Salon d'Automne in Paris or the Salon International des Métiers d'Art in Lens.