Clémence LEROY

book binder,book designer

Career History of Clémence Leroy, bookbinder

Having received the Degree in Bookbinding and Book and Paper Design in La Cambre (Brussels), Clemency Leroy opened her workshop at the end of 2017 in Lille. She makes traditional bookends as well as more modern creations, where traditional savoir-faire and new techniques are combined to create unique pieces.

Artistic bookbinding, an ancient savoir-faire

Preserving a book, be it young or old, or a manuscript, or family booklets, .. and restoring them are Clémence Leroy'main activities, all the more so that she is presently the only professional in bookbinding in the Lille area. Her task consists in deconstructing, cleaning, binding again the various booklets, and restoring the pages and the cover, most often made of leather. All of this demands meticulous work and technical expertise.

Clémence Leroy, book designer

Her knowledge n materials (wood, mica, thread, leather,...) and her mastering of various assembly and marquetry techniques give her great freedom in creation and enable her to offer a large range of customized services: artists books, micro-publications, guest-books, photo-albums, cases and boxes.

"Touch and sight are inextricably part of my creations", she says. So nothing bars the way to her exploration and her approach resembles that of a research laboratory in order to unceasingly develop new binding techniques, concerning both the materials used as well as the functional structure of the book.

The binding is the first reading of a book. An invitation to discover it.

Exhibitions and Events

Clémence LEROY regularly participates in the Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Art and also in various exhibitions in order to show her savoir-faire. She also collaborates with artists so as to reinvent new ways to apprehend books as objects prone to discovery: tactile, sensual, and offering a new "reading out" of the book. Last but not least, Clémence regularly organizes introductore courses and masterclasses to share her passion for her profession.

Clémence LEROY
Clémence LEROY


For writing lovers!

Lined notebook 200 pages.


The drawing or writing book, a beautiful and intimate object


The beautiful writing object!

Lined writing book, white paper,...

The drawing or writing notebook, a beautiful and intimate object


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