Couteau Koï

By Michael Maio

In the Japanese tradition of ceramic knife

White porcelain knife, hand-decorated according to the traditional technique of "zogan" by inclusion of colored engobes

Dimension : 29 cm

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Ceramic knives in the Japanese tradition

Passionate about Japanese culture, martial arts and the emblematic figure of the samurai, Michael Maio creates ceramic blades in the tradition of Japanese knives. These knives, initially decorative pieces of high craftsmanship, require a long elaboration time, consisting of several stages of drying and sanding to obtain a finished porcelain blade.

A young ceramist passionate about Japanese culture

Michael MAIO is a young ceramist who has been immersed in the popular and traditional culture of Japan since childhood. A country of contrasts par excellence, between ancestral tradition and the almost absolute modernity of its arts, it is from this paradoxical richness that Michael has been nourished to create his own ceramic universe.

Michael has chosen the traditional "zogan" technique, i.e. the inclusion of colored engobes in his porcelain which he decorates by hand. He works with white porcelain and a deliberately limited color palette. He develops a collection of vases, bottles and porcelain blades. A refined style with graphic or figurative patterns very modern.

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Michael Maio
Michael MAIO


Michael MAIO