Carnet reliure copte ligné

By Clémence Leroy

The drawing or writing notebook, a beautiful and intimate object

156 pages of white and multicolored paper, ideal for drawing or writing.  

Original creation entirely handmade by this book designer

Technique: Coptic binding with oeser gilding (hot stamping), awagami paper on the cover

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The Coptic bindings of Clémence Leroy

Clémence has a passion for paper, for books, for notebooks, for this intimate and sensual object. 156 pages to give free rein to your imagination. These notebooks with a Coptic binding have a cover with an oeser gilding, i.e. hot stamping, with color pigments.

Clémence Leroy, bookbinder and book designer

Clémence does a job that is becoming rare, art bookbinding. Preserving and restoring old books, manuscripts or family books. She dismantles, cleans, restores the various quires, the damaged pages, the cover often in leather. A very meticulous, patient and technical work.

Also a book designer, she creates splendid and original writing books combining original covers of several materials (marquetry of different wood species, mica, plexiglass), various types of bindings (crisscross, coptic,...) bound with linen thread,... Her creativity does not stop there, she is always looking to develop new binding techniques and to invent new approaches to reading.

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Relieur Designer du Livre
Clémence Leroy
Clémence LEROY

Book binder,book designer

Clémence LEROY